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Recommendations (“hearing notes”) for confirmation and for miscellaneous hearings will be posted on the sharefile website at least one full week before hearings and will be updated as often as possible.  Any documents that are required for confirmation or for miscellaneous hearing,  will be listed, as well as outstanding objections to plan.  Appearances of the debtor and debtor’s attorney will not be waived unless those documents are provided, or the objections resolved, five business days before hearings.  Judge’s chambers will be so notified so that they can review the file in preparation for the hearing. The debtor’s attorney and debtor, and creditor’s attorney, and any necessary witnesses, should plan to be at the hearing.

Rulings:  once hearings have been held, and rulings issued, the notes will be updated to reflect those rulings.  Orders issued with deadlines will be reflected, and will be updated as often as possible to reflect receipt/ filing of documents. 

If we have made an error on the hearings lists, or if you disagree with the information please contact the case contact, as indicated in the hearing notes and on the Case Inquiry website immediately, as we will act upon the deadlines therein.